Quality Taxi Partnership.


  • Promote accessibility to every day facilities for all.
  • Meet the needs of people without the use of a car.
  • Reduce crime and fear of crime on transport systems.
  • Improve the quality and quantity of transport passenger services.
  • Provide access for people who can't use conventional services.


Councils throughout Essex are running similar schemes.  Mutual respect

Just as taxi and private hire drivers should show respect to you, you  should show respect to them by: Taxi and private hire drivers may legitimately use CCTV in order to reduce crime and disorder:

  • Being in a fit state to travel (the driver may refuse to take you)
  • Having sufficient means to pay for the journey
  • Securing yourself and any child with the seat belts provided
  • Not smoking in their vehicle

Your safety. 

All taxi and private hire drivers and their vehicles must be licensed by  the local Council.  The Council will undertake safety checks before issuing the licence.  In the Maldon District, licensed vehicles will have front and back plates as well as stickers on the side with the Maldon District Council logo. Drivers should also have their badges on display.